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Professionally Monitored Home & Business Alarm and Security Systems from ANNESA ISS

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Provide individuals and companies with the sale of quality products in the security systems sector accompanied by a qualified service with a ANNESA ISS brand. 

It’s our mission to deliver an exceptional experience at every touchpoint – in store, by phone and online. We support your home and business with pre-sales support, on-demand training and other resources to boost your industry knowledge and help you grow.


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The Smart Solution for Your Home and Business

Have visibility into your home and business with a wireless motion sensor, that also takes pictures. Also, we provide on-demand views and high-quality images.

ANNESA Integrated Security Systems (since 1.958)

It is an innovative concept of integration of Security Systems for individuals and companies that provides a range of products and services aimed at designing and installing with qualified technical personnel.

The ANNESA ISS franchise

Operates with cutting-edge technology, providing electronic security solutions for residential and commercial customers.

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